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Western (specialist) literature read for eastern therapists by Nils von Below and Anne Hardy.
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We are convinced that good therapist can learn a lot for their own life and work with patients from modern psychological literature. Here we present books that we find important and worth reading.

In Chinese Medicine we know that strong and long lasting emotions can be the cause of disease. As therapists we aim at restoring health in a holistic way, treating the physical as well as the psycho-emotional level.

But the authors of the classical texts of Chinese Medicine were not aware of the specific problems humans face in our time and in the modern western culture, such as chronic fatigue syndrom, fibromyalgia or irritable bowel syndrom. Our life is faster, there are more sensory stimuli, and there are many more choices for a career.

In order to treat our patients beyond acupuncture and herbs in a modern way, we consult western technical literature (but not only). The books we present in our podcast represent a choice of what we have personally found helpful in our TCM practise.

An interview with Anne Hardy & Nils von Below about the Making of East reads West - with the "TCM-Kongress Rothenburg"

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An interview with Nils von Below about the East Reads West podcast - with "The TCM Community"


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Anne Hardy
TCM Acupuncture
In this podcast I bring together many years of experience as a journalist and my passion for Chinese Medicine. My specialization is gynecology, fertility treatment and pain therapy.
Nils von Below
Classical Acupuncture
The strength of Traditional Chinese Medicine over the last 2 to 3 millennia’s was its flexibility to integrate different thought and philosophical systems and assimilate them. My question always has been: how can we expand TCM and what do we bring into it. We can only answer this question if we look beyond our boundaries: are they either western or eastern.
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