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Nothing is as erotic as an affair
3. November 2021

Finding out that your partner has an affair, is experiencing "death by a thousand stabs". This is why Esther Perel takes time to discuss the crisis and the consequences of the betrayal. The feelings of revenge and self-reproach. And the question of whether it is better to confess an affair or to keep it to […]

Radikal Self-Compassion
21. July 2021

How can we heal old wounds? Free ourselves from the inner critic who constantly nags at us? Overcome the feeling of being unworthy or unlovable? For Tara Brach and Christ Germer, the answer is self-compassion - something that many people in a performance-oriented and self-optimizing society have forgotten or never even heard about. American meditation […]

Desiderata & Great Bell
20. July 2021

Desiderata is a declaration of love for life. A compass that keeps us on course. Also and especially over a long professional life as therapists.

Why western specialist literature for TCM therapists?
19. April 2021

In our first episode we give several answers to this question. As practionners of Chinese Medicine, we take a look at the person on the physical and emotional level. And we also consider their relationships and social context. Very much in accord with the WHO definition of Health: "Health is a state of complete physical, […]

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